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Shaped Loom Friends


Large, shareable craft kit comes with three unique shaped loom characters and tons of colorful yarn.

This cheerful, sharable loom kit involves choosing colors of yarn, picking wrap patterns, using your safety needles to weave and sew - even add beads or other accents from home - and display your three unique loom friends as art! Use them again and again to make fresh, colorful new patterns for hours of fun. 

Additional display easels printed inside the packaging – more value and less packaging waste. Every Seedling outer packaging we produce is made from sustainably sourced paper, plastic-free and FSC certified. 

This Seedling kit contains: 3 etched wood shaped looms, 300 yards of yarn across 9 colors, 3 kid-safe plastic needles, instruction sheet 

Size: 42.8625cm"h x 26.035cm"w x 5.08cm"d

Recommended Age: 6+ years 

Independence Level: I can do it by myself (Independence level callout lets parents know how much help kids will need)

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