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How to Create Amazing Instagram Photos

Posted on March 17 2017

Instagram is ever-growing in popularity. With over 300 million users sharing their photos everyday, how do you make your photos stand out? Point, shoot, share. Seems simple enough, right? Well, sort of. Don't worry, we've done the research for you. Try a few of our Instagram tricks below and watch your photo likes and followers grow. 
Use the Camera App
Take photos using the native camera app in your phone, not with the Instagram app camera. The built-in camera app has higher resolution, meaning crisper images, and offers more options for photo editing. iPhone users: Note that the front-facing camera has a higher resolution than the rear-facing camera. Sorry, #selfies. 
Keep Your Focus
When taking a photo, tap the screen of your phone to focus on the subject. Adjusting the focus will also allow for more control over the lighting as you capture the image. Use light to your advantage. Move subjects into brightly lit spaces for better images. 
Stay Still 
To stabilize your phone when taking photos, create a tripod by bracing your wrist with your free hand, holding your breath, or propping up on furniture or other structures to help keep still. 
Don't Zoom!
Zooming in on your phone prior to taking a photo actually decreases the resolution, so get as close to your subject as possible before capturing. Remember, you can always crop afterwards. 
Get on the Grid
Using the "Rule of Thirds" is one of the simplest ways to pack a visual punch to your photos, so turn on the grid feature in the settings within the camera app. Position the subject of your photos at one of the intersections of the grid, and voila! An image with much higher visual interest. 
Be Square
The iPhone camera app offers the option to shoot in "square" mode, specifically designed to create easy Instagram-able images. This setting will show you more accurately what your image will look like before you snap the shot, and will help eliminate the need to crop.  
Add Some Color
According to a Georgia Tech study, filtered photos get more engagement, especially those that increase exposure, contrast, and warmth. You can tweak these settings within the "edit" feature of both the iPhone camera app as well as within Instagram, so be sure to bump up the vibrancy of your images before sending off to the internet. 
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