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Candy-Free Valentine’s Treats the Whole Class will Love

Posted on January 24 2017

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we wonder: Why is it that almost every holiday is associated with sugar? Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, Valentine’s chocolates… What do chocolate bars and candy hearts have to do with showing affection to our loved ones?

Similar to the Teal-Pumpkin movement around Halloween, we’re changing the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day. With the rise in childhood allergies and school-enforced restrictions on what kids are allowed to eat at school, we’re removing candy from the equation altogether.

Instead of sweets, how them you care with a little gift they’re sure to love. From 5 Scoops Ice Cream Pen to Cookie Coin Purses, Trick Gliders to Vintage Kaleidoscope Cameras, surprise the class with treats that will last longer than a lollipop. A token to spark their imaginations, not new cavities. Their teachers (and their dentists) will thank you.

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